Allergo Healthcare - the specialist in mite allergy therapy using encasings for 20 years

For 20 years, the Allergo Natur brand has produced and sold encasings for mite allergy sufferers. Today we are proud to be one of the most experienced allergy encasing brands in Germany.

As a medium-sized company based in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, we employ 50 staff in administration, production and sales. Our new production premises for allergy encasings were opened in cooperation with the Lebenshilfewerk (German disability charity) in 2015 in Hagenow. As the sole encasing company in Germany, we manufacture in transparent production and integrate disabled and non-disabled people in working together.

Day by day, patients can re-experience our knowledge of appropriate mite allergy therapies and our experience as an encasing specialist. The Allegro Natur team guarantees that the medical practice, the health insurance provider and the patient will receive professional advice and care. In all our efforts, we focus on the person and on nature, because this is the only way to create a good and responsible Allergo Natur health product.