For us, encasing is about much more than just allergy bedding – 

This is why Allergo has been one of the leading manufacturers of encasings in Germany for many years.

An Original Allergo Encasing®. German brand quality for your health.

Your can only get the Original Allergo Encasing© Made in Germany from us. 

Our mission: With our products, our knowledge and over 20 years of experience we will help you to deal better with domestic dust mites and the illnesses they bring and will ensure an improved quality of life.

Encasing today needs to meet ever higher demands, as both people's needs and requirements as well as their sleeping habits are constantly changing. In addition, not every allergy sufferer is immediately hit by strong symptoms, and problems may be expressed quite differently for every person. Your sleep and your mite allergy is therefore just as individual as you are. As an encasing specialist, we therefore aspire to improve and further develop our encasings constantly. Because your allergy therapy will only be a success if you use your encasing long-term.  So we place a special value on quality and workmanship of the materials. The encasings produced in our German factories undergo a strict quality control. 

Allergo encasings ensure healthy sleep

  • Individually designed for mite allergy sufferers
  • Allergen-proof and breathable
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Not coated
  • Several independent tests
  • Easy-care, low noise

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