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Send your allergy encasing prescription online fast - and save yourself additional methods, unnecessary paperwork and precious time!

The most important thing now is that you are quickly and easily provided with your Allergo encasings. Choose the uncomplicated Allergo online system for the fastest and most comfortable way - without lots of paperwork and having to spend a lot of time on it!

The best thing is to upload your encasing prescription right away online! As soon as we have the instructions, we will begin to work for you. And you can check the status of the work process at any time.

It really is so easy:

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Photograph your prescription and upload it

You will immediately receive a confirmation from Allergo Natur with a receipt number. As soon as we have your prescription, we will apply for approval from your health insurance provider.

Information As contract partners for many health insurance providers, we are allowed to process cost acceptance electronically, which means that the provider's decision is often available within 24 hours.

Upload your prescription here

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Enter bedding dimensions

Enter the dimensions of your mattress (length, width and height), duvet and pillow (length and width).

Information You can use the button "Enter bedding dimensions" to log in from anywhere and at any time and enter your bedding dimensions. Please note that we can only arrange for dispatch after we have received the bedding dimensions.

Enter bedding dimensions here now

Encasing quality – select upgrades

Along with the appropriate, health insurer-approved set, you also have the option of more sleeping comfort and easier handling. Simply choose what is important to you. The health insurance provider's contribution will be credited to your upgrades and your own contribution will be displayed.

Information Only after entry of the dimensions for mattress cover, duvet and pillow cover is it possible for you to select your quality.

Request processing status

Keep up to date! After 24 hours (working days) you can call up your order and processing status and follow the delivery of your Allergo encasing exactly - right up to your front door

Information If you have any questions, you can of course get in touch with us personally on our free service number 0800 1888 181

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